Stand-up comedian Greg Shapiro: ‘Even for serious events, humor can be the safest option’

Greg Shapiro is a Dutch American comedian who gathered world fame with his vocal impersonation of Donald Trump in the viral ‘Netherlands Second’ video. He started his career as a member of the comedy group Boom Chicago and became a popular speaker at business events. “Humor is the safest option at a serious business event.” […]

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World Forum: ‘The power to surprise is part of our DNA’

World leaders, royal houses, presidents: the list of famous visitors is endless. For more than 50 years, World Forum The Hague has been a familiar setting for large and important events. With its facilities, atmosphere, appearance and extensive security protocol, the venue provides visitors with an unforgettable convention experience. “The power to surprise is part […]

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‘Nothing beats knowing you made a difference’

Silke Schlinnertz

“At Euroheat & Power we believe that ‘together we are better’ and this can and should not be limited to our industry,” says Head of Operations and Events Silke Schlinnertz. She is known for her love for events, sustainability and innovation. “One of the best parts of being an event organizer is when your hard […]

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‘We don’t need to facilitate social programmes’

Holgor Omlor

Education. Doing Well. Organizing. Sustainability. Four subjects that are close to Holger Omlor’s heart. In his position as Head of Events at the European Association for International Education, these different passions come together nicely. Holger Omlor was born and raised in Saarland, Germany. Love brought him to Amsterdam in 2003. Long before that, he had […]

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‘There is a passion in Rotterdam that I hardly experienced before’

Desiree Baltussen in front of the RACC building site

Desiree Baltussen is the newly-appointed Head of Conventions of the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre currently under construction. She can’t wait for the opening and the team has already won eight bids for association conferences. The expansion of Rotterdam Ahoy is about to reach its highest point of construction in May 2019 and the building will […]

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‘Nothing beats that opportunity to truly connect’

Hannah Bonnett

As Senior Conference Producer, Hannah Bonnett takes on primary responsibility for the editorial content of several international aviation events. Although stationed in London, she frequently travels the world for her work. Last October, MRO Europe landed in Holland. We gladly took the opportunity to ask her all about her inspiring job. Aviation Week’s MRO Europe […]

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‘Satisfied? Me? During a congress? Never!’

Jeroen Janssens | Conference manager European Resuscitation Council

“As a vehicle to gather and distribute information, the congress  has seen better days. There are other, faster  and more efficient ways to test scientific insights, analyses and opinions against each other. But as an opportunity to crystallise an international, professional network, the congress  remains invaluable”, Jeroen Janssens claims. Janssens is a conference manager for […]

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‘I simply have a great job’

Carola van der Hoeff | Congress Director FIP | © Thomas Fasting

Carola van der Hoeff likes to share her twenty years of congress experience. Not surprisingly, her club life extends beyond the International Pharmaceutical Federation, where she is employed in the position of Chief Operating Officer & Congress Director. In Carola van der Hoeff’s career, it has always been important for her to have a ‘click’ […]

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‘It is about sharing knowledge, and clever shortcuts’

Uta Goretzky IFES

As the new executive director of IFES, Uta Goretzky faces a few tough challenges. One of them is to make sure that the live communication industry – her patron and paymaster –keeps pace with an ever faster transforming society, its communication tools and its communication habits. With currently over 250 members in 36 countries, IFES […]

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