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Pedro De Bruyckere is funny in explaining serious stuff

Pedro De Bruyckere ©Speakers Academy-Walter Kallenbach

The Belgian educationist, youth researcher and lecturer Pedro De Bruyckere also happens to be a speaker. In his lectures, he debunks a range of myths about education. “People talk so much nonsense about young people and education, and all nuance is often lost.” How did you become a speaker? “I wasn’t planning on it, and […]

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Herman Konings tells sticky stories

Trend watcher and stand-up psychologist Herman Konings serves his dishes with a zest of brutality and a pinch of provocative humour. And the audience loves it: his agenda counts over 200 key notes and lectures per year. “We are all someone’s child. If I talk about conflicts between generations and their impact on our behaviour […]

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Daan Roosegaarde is a guide in the new world

Daan Roosegaarde (34) is an artist, innovator, entrepreneur, inventor. With his “techno poetry”, where idealism and technology blend together, he stimulates an international public: “I teach people to look at and think about the world differently.” How did you become a speaker? “The first time I gave a lecture was in 2002, at the art […]

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Sustainability Icon, Jan Rotmans, inspires, pushes and pulls

De Volkskrant described him as ‘quite a brilliant visionary’ and ‘an indestructible optimist.’ Nevertheless, Jan Rotmans is worried about our world: “I see my optimism as a moral obligation. The Netherlands has to be truly sustainable in twenty years.” How did you become a speaker? “It’s something I have always been able to do, because […]

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