Meeting Design Weeks 2019

Finland continues to innovate in educational excellence with Meetings Design Course

Finland is set to continue its journey in delivering world-class educational opportunities for its residents by hosting the next Meetings Design Course, delivered Eric de Groot, Author of ‘Into the Heart of Meetings’, which will take place on the 10th and 11th of April in HUONE Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland.
The two-day course, inspired by Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver’s acclaimed book has been deigned to unite talent from the Meetings and Incentives industry, the Corporate world and the Academic fields and share with them, the vital building blocks that Meeting Designers use when designing successful meeting programmes.

Deep dive

The course is open to professionals like meeting planners, corporate communication managers, live communication designers and trainers and consultants and attendees will have the opportunity to dive deep into the nature of meetings, and how to design them, as well as receiving their very own copy of the book.
Eric de Groot, Author of ‘Into the Heart of Meetings’: “Meetings design is a structured process enabling people to deliver better meeting programmes, which will support their meetings to obtain better outcomes. Certified attendees know how meetings work and how to structure them to achieve impact. We want to help professionals as well as educators to grasp the huge potential of well-designed meetings as they are vital to the success of any organisation and the network in which it operates.”

More outcome-focused

Pia Helminen from Congress Network Finland: “Having attended a few sessions by both Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver at ICCA World Congresses and at a Congress Network Finland Autumn Meeting, I am full of anticipation about this course. I believe meeting design is the future, and I want to educate myself in the field in order to help my customers in the right direction.”
Hera Choi, HUONE International comments: “HUONE strongly believes in the meeting and event industry becoming more and more outcome-focused. We understand that every meeting and event has a purpose, and thus, we focus on maximising the meeting experience of our customers and helping them to achieve a more positive outcome at HUONE. We hope to see more people learning and finding their own ways to unlock the potential of meetings and events through this course.”

High ranking

Ines Antti-Poika, Manager, Business Events
Finland Convention Bureau, Visit Finland: “We are delighted to welcome the Meeting Design Course to Helsinki. Finland is ranked among the most popular congress destinations in the world and this course will be a wonderful opportunity for our local suppliers and meeting planners to improve their understanding of meeting design and help create better meetings. The course will also offer excellent professional development for the Finnish meeting professionals.”
According to the World Economic Forum, Finland is considered to have one of the best education systems in the world. It routinely outperforms the United States in reading, science, and mathematics. And it has been a top performer since the first Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) triennial international survey back in 2000.