How to deal with uncertainty due to the coronavirus threat | Conference Matters
Steffen Kalverboer - directeur Creator Meeting Support

How to deal with uncertainty due to the coronavirus threat

The new coronavirus is slowly spreading to more countries around the world and meeting organizers are faced with the question on what they can or should do, when it comes to the organization of their meeting, conferences or events. We have seen various organizers making adjustments, postponing or even cancelling meetings, conferences or events. In helping them to take the appropriate decisions, Creator Meeting Support offers some practical tips on how to deal with this uncertainty surrounding your meetings and events.

Adjust your imprints

Adjust your imprint designs by not mentioning any specific dates or even locations. This will enable to you to still use personalized products in the near future and prevent any possible unnecessary waste.

Short delivery times

Stay flexible when it comes to the production of any personalized products and select them on short delivery times. This will give you more time to make a decision based on the continuously changing situation. A specialized supplier can offer most meeting products on very short notices, even within just a few days.

Smart Return Policy

Our own Smart Return Policy allows our customers to return any unused blank stock-products and get these credited. This enables you to stay flexible and avoid unnecessary costs in case attendance is much lower than expected or you do have to cancel or postpone your meeting.

Free storage

In case you decide to postpone your meeting or event due to the coronavirus-outbreak, we as Creator Meeting Support offers free storage for 1 year in our warehouse, for all products purchased with us for your meeting or event.

Provide Information

For the many meetings and events that will still go ahead as planned, we strongly advise to inform your delegates, exhibitors, staff et cetera on how they can prevent any contraction or spreading of the corona virus. Use both on- and offline ways to provide this important information.

In battling the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and the decisions on how to act appropriately , you may expect that a professional and trustworthy supplier will support its clients in any possible way!