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Leading Dutch companies and football club PSV team up to promote Brainport Eindhoven

Football club PSV will join forces with some leading Dutch companies next summer to start an innovative co-operation. ASML, Philips, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, VDL Group and Jumbo Supermarkets will commit themselves as premium partners of PSV under the name of Metropolitan Region Brainport Eindhoven.
They will collaborate in the field of innovation, vitality, entertainment, development and recruitment of talent. All parties share the ambition to put the Eindhoven region on the map as global leader in knowledge, high-tech development and innovation. “This is a first in the history of top sport. We will create a new ecosystem and the way we will do it is characteristic of the interconnection in this region”, says PSV General Manager Toon Gerbrands.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

High Tech Campus Eindhoven Managing Director Jan-Willem is one of the driving forces behind the innovative co-operation. “The Campus participates in the ‘Champions League’ of inspiring business locations when it concerns developing new technologies and building international networks. The connection between leading Brainport companies and PSV offers a unique opportunity for companies on our Campus to put themselves in the spotlight. “And they need to do so, as they, as they are as employers in a ‘war on talent’ with internationally leading regions such as Silicon Valley”, explains Neggers.
“As the face of the high-tech sector in Brainport Eindhoven we like to stick our necks out to increase the name recognition of this region and support the companies. That’s what they fully deserve. We would also like to promote a good business climate and create favourable conditions for establishing businesses at Brainport Eindhoven, which is an important starting point of our co-operation.”