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Maison van den Boer offers ‘advanced-taste’ of Augmented Reality dish

Clients wanting to visually ‘taste’ Maison van den Boer’s new Dutch Masters menu can do so thanks to Augmented Reality (AR). The company is the first caterer in the Netherlands to present its dishes with this technique.
Maison van den Boer has previously introduced 3D-printed dishes and a hologram dinner. According to the catering company, technology and innovation are a great way to intensify the sensory experience when dining.

The Dutch Masters’ palate

This winter, Maison van den Boer will launch The Dutch Masters’ palate: dishes like paintings, inspired by the works of the Dutch Masters like Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Mondrian. Each dish, in its presentation and palette of flavours, reflects the work of one of our famous painters.

The Dutch touch

The menu is a response to the growing demand for culinary experiences with a Dutch twist. In Maison van den Boer’s experience, international companies, organisations and governments welcoming guests to Amsterdam are constantly looking for ways to infuse their event with Dutch DNA. People often enjoy the traditional and cultural-heritage staples such as tiny clogs, windmills, Delft blue pottery, cheese and tulips.
The Dutch Masters’ palate is yet another enticing option. These Dutch-masters inspired dishes can be viewed on Apple iPhone or iPad with the Safari browser or on Android phone with the AR viewer app.