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MECC Maastricht launches international campaign

Thanks to the upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht that will begin in June, from 2021 onward, the MECC Maastricht will be able to be of even better service to organisers of international conferences lasting several days. An international marketing campaign is being developed in a collaborative effort with the Eindhoven advertising agency Megawatt. MECC Maastricht’s ambition for this campaign is to convince the target market, organisers of congresses, trade shows and events, that Maastricht and MECC Maastricht are their best choice for event accommodations. MECC Maastricht’s current pay-off, ‘Beyond Boundaries’ served as inspiration during the development of the campaign. MECC Maastricht sees itself as a challenger, and together with its team, aims to create an outstanding customer and guest experience for each event.

We are the event

Entitled ‘We are the event’, this international marketing campaign communicates the concept that MECC Maastricht literally becomes the event. This ‘unification’ with the event shows that MECC Maastricht is pulling out all the stops to fully immerse itself in its clients’ wishes in order to go ‘beyond boundaries’ and provide them with the unique experience with five-star service.

TEFAF, the largest international art fair, has been held in MECC Maastricht for 32 years now, and played a metaphorical role in the campaign. The MECC Maastricht employees are portrayed in a painting hung on the wall in museum-exhibit fashion, right in the middle of MECC Maastricht’s largest hall.

Simon Coolen, Creative Director at Megawatt explains. “In developing the creative concept, we asked ourselves how far we could go for our client. We concluded that allowing them to personally experience what it would be like to be hung on the wall like a work of art before an art fair was far enough.”

Beyond Boundaries

Frank Mimpen, MECC Maastricht Commercial Director: “MECC Maastricht goes far for its clients, really far. ‘Beyond Boundaries’ far. Beyond Boundaries is about a limitless approach to thoughts and actions that is so typifying of how we work. The people of MECC Maastricht are the ones who make the difference in your experience as a client or guest. The people of MECC Maastricht aim to surpass expectations. They go beyond clients’ expectations, providing them with an above-average experience as a result. We delve deep into the wishes and demands of event organisers. Our location is also limitless, thanks to its central location in Europe in the charming, epicurean city of Maastricht, with Belgium and Germany just a stone’s throw away.”