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MPI Netherlands joins Eventwell

MPI Netherlands joins Eventwell, an initiative from the United Kingdom to raise awareness for wellbeing in the event industry. Eventwell will be holding its launch event on 18th September, which is also the start of the British Event Wellbeing Week when attention will be paid to (mental) health within the meeting industry.

Stressful job

In recent years, evidence from multiple market surveys has shown that the profession of an event manager is one of the most stressful jobs. According to jobsites Careercast and Forbes, amongst others, it is in 5th spot. A recent survey by Eventwell shows that 1 in 3 event managers have suffered from mental health issues (such as depression), which is significantly above the average of 1 in 5 among the Dutch population according to the Trimbos Institute.

MPI Netherlands

“At MPI, we are supporting the Eventwell initiative because good mental health is important to us all,” says Gijs Verbeek, Executive Director at MPI Netherlands. “In the past you could clock out from the factory and that was the end of your working day. Nowadays, however, you are kept busy 24/7 in various ways and through various different channels. We think that all these stimuli bring about unrest, and that this leads to stress and the associated consequences. What can you do yourself to handle this situation well and to stay fit, both physically and mentally? MPI believes that it is important to raise awareness about the issue and to inform and advise our wonderful event industry”.

Campfire session

On 18th September, MPI Netherlands is starting Event Wellbeing Week with a campfire session entitled “Het Roer Om” (A new start). Around a campfire on the beach of Lake Veluwe, three speakers – Klaas Boomsma (chief editor of the running magazine Losse Veter), Jean-Marc Bilderbeek (owner of Kaderloos) and Jochem Bukman (trainer at GORTcoaching) – will tell their personal and inspiring stories about this issue and provide practical tools and tips for starting anew and for working and living more healthily.


Eventwell is an initiative of, among others, Helen Moon, managing director of Eventmanagers Who Lunch (EWL), and has the support of, among others, the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO), Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) and the International Live Events Association (ILEA). The campaign will be launched on 18th September at No. 4 Hamilton Place, London, with an introduction, yoga session and a healthy breakfast on the outdoor terrace.

Event Wellbeing Week

During Event Wellbeing Week, several meetings are planned including debates and sessions about health with #EventPlannersTalk, EventHuddle, Event First Steps and Eventprofs Who Lunch (EWL), in addition to a boot camp and picnic education session by ILEA, a book launch and a series of presentations about mental health and stress management talks by experts.