MPI's full day online conference experience was truly interactive
MPI Explore - a full day online conference experience

How to Meet Learn & Experience………!

A team of event professionals together with partners of MPI organized a full day online conference for the event industry.
The meeting and event industry excels in finding new ways to handle the current situation in a positive way. Being the ultimate people’s industry, the need to stay in touch with each other and share experiences is felt across the MICE industry as never before. Meet, learn and experience are still the key words in MICE!

Full day online conference

MPI The Netherlands Chapter has combined these words in her online event MPI Explore on May 25. Live from Felix Meritis in Amsterdam a team of event professionals together with partners of MPI organized a full day conference for the event industry, that was led by Donatello Piras. An online event that offered a live experience to event professionals all over the country.

Online escape room

After participants made their way out of an online escape room, Keynote Steven Van Belleghem talked about the influence of COVID-19 and technology on client relations, and how you can still make your clients an offer they can’t refuse.

Erwin Steijlen took participants on a musical journey that made them forget about their laptop and e-mails and offered a live experience.

Body rap

Ed Freitas, sitting behind his laptop in the UK truly stole the show with his Body Rap. People were clapping shouting and moving in living rooms all around the Netherlands. All this was only a glimpse of the total amount of content that was offered.

Serious play

The participants were put to work in interactive sessions. For example, under the guidance of Nico Meyer, event professionals seriously played with Lego to visualize and share everyone’s vision of “the new normal”.

In a Playbreak, Annemarie van der Steen asked the participants to draw a monster, after which randomly formed couples each where directed to their own digital zoom room to tell each other about the monster that is currently troubling them the most.

Networking drinks

But what about the networking drinks? How can you provide an online solution that makes you connect as if you are meeting each other in real life?
Visit Brabant offered an online network drink and site visit together with no less than eight venues in Brabant. Easy as that!

Lessons learned

Lessons learned by the industry: Organizing an online event makes you overcome technical challenges, literally offers a different point of view, but nevertheless can add real value in learning and experiencing for your participants.