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IC-International Consultants temporary board

Non-profit network for independent conference consultants

IC-International Consultants (IC) announces the creation of a dedicated Non-profit Network for Independent Events and Conference Consultants.

At the beginning of 2020, Matt Régnier (Pleni, The International) and Eric Antonisse (MiceMedia) decided that it was time to address the need for a platform for Independent Event Consultants, where they can  share experiences, support each other and join forces when needed.

Passion for events

This led to the creation of IC International Consultants – Local Resources Worldwide Events, an association of experienced, independent individuals who share their passion for events.

IC International Consultants is founded on three principles: excellence, sustainability an cooperation.

Selected consultants

The network consists of selected international consultants who are recognized within the events and meetings industry. Each member meets the association’s strict criteria and has an excellent track record. It set and promote a code of ethics to which IC members adhere, in order to lead by example throughout the world.

Local resources

IC International Consultants members use local resources and promote sustainability principles in order to reduce wasteful practices in the events industry as much as possible.
They are respectful of cultures, traditions and languages and what a region is capable of delivering.

Working and sharing

The individuals organized in IC International Consultants work together and share their knowledge and experience. They set, apply and promote best international practices to deliver highest quality events and conferences, worldwide. While each IC member works independently, different niche skills spread throughout the network complement each other.