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Rotterdam Knowledge Ambassadors

Rotterdam Knowledge Partners network expands

The Rotterdam Knowledge Partners network was expanded this month to include 11 new ambassadors. The Rotterdam Knowledge Partners help attract international congresses to the city. The network – which was established by the Rotterdam Partners – furthermore contributes to promoting Rotterdam as an attractive congress destination. The network encompasses a total of 61 academics, researchers and other experts connected to the Rotterdam region.

Most of these ambassadors work at the various knowledge institutes found in the Rotterdam region, such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and TU Delft. Thousands of congresses focussing on a wide range of academic fields and associations are organised each year around the world. The Rotterdam Knowledge Ambassadors have first-hand experience in attracting and/or organising congresses. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they have a clear vision of the networks and congresses that correspond with Rotterdam’s knowledge focus areas: Medical & Life Sciences, Food, Transport & Logistics, Maritime and Cleantech. This knowledge helps Rotterdam Partners to attract congresses to Rotterdam more effectively.

Attracting congresses

The international congress market is very important to Rotterdam. Attracting congresses to Rotterdam strengthens its image as a high-quality knowledge city. It also helps put the related faculty or professional field on the map. International congresses also generate business tourism, which is a key growth market for Rotterdam.

The new Rotterdam Knowledge Ambassadors were officially appointed for a term of three years at a Rotterdam Knowledge Ambassadors network meeting. The meeting took place at the Rotterdam Maritime Museum.