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NSS conference at World Forum The Hague

World Forum The Hague world’s first congress center to install Trulifi by Signify

World Forum The Hague is world’s first congress center to install Trulifi by Signify. This system ensures that conference guests can enjoy the benefits of safe, secure, reliable and high-speed connectivity via light rather than radio waves.

Highly sensitive content

The content of some of the events that the congress center in The Hague, the Netherlands, hosts can be highly sensitive. It is known for hosting some of the most high-profile conferences in the world such as the Nuclear Security Summit, World Press Freedom Conference and Climate Adaptation Summit 2021.

That means that World Forum The Hague wants to do whatever it takes to provide visitors and participants the assurance that their data is routinely and rigorously secured, and the venue has become a front runner in Safety & Security. Their measures are reviewed ahead of every event and adjusted if needed.

LiFi strictly limited

Trulifi by Signify ensures that meeting rooms are equipped with highly secure, reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity, while providing users with the same standards for ease of use and comfort as with other wireless technologies.

LiFi is a wireless technology, but instead of radio waves, light waves are employed, ensuring the network is strictly limited inside each room. With additional custom encryption and specific access keys security can be even more specifically controlled.

Security breaches

“Although World Forum The Hague has a highly secure WiFi network, an increasing amount of our clients is cautious to work with WiFi due to the growing number of security breaches we see in the news. With Trulifi we can now offer our high-level clients a broadband connection that is wireless, both reliable and secure,” said Marije Bouwman, Director of Operations, Safety & Security from World Forum The Hague.

“We are delighted and proud that World Forum The Hague is using Trulifi by Signify. This illustrates the relevance this relatively new technology for wireless connectivity can provide to congress centers around the globe. With this implementation we’ll show how Trulifi is fast, secure and reliable and performs at the top of the market,” said Olivia Qiu, Chief Innovation Officer for Signify.

The first installation of Trulifi concerns one meeting room with the potential for more.