Veel voorinschrijvingen voor kennissessies Ibtm World

Ruim 1.000 opdrachtgevers van meetings hebben zich al vooringeschreven voor de Ibtm kennissessies die deze beurseditie zullen plaatsvinden in het nieuwe ACS Knowledge Village, dat is ingericht op de beursvloer. Het kennisprogramma van de internationale meetingbeurs omvat meer dan 80 sessies. Daarnaast zullen meer dan 50 technologiebedrijven hun nieuwe producten en diensten in de the Technology and Services Zone
 Vooral de sessies die onderdeel zijn van programma ”Putting Meeting Design Into Practice” zijn populair.

Rob Davidson, Managing Director van MICE Knowledge en ibtm world Industry Analyst: “In 2015, we are seeing radical qualitative changes in the ways in which meetings are designed, and forward-looking venues are adapting their offer to meet the evolving demands of new-generation meeting planners and attendees. In the past 12 months, there has been a huge move towards designing meetings to be much more multisensory and immersive than ever before.”
Christoph Raudonat, presentator van de sessies ‘Connections, Commitment and Communication for Associations’ en ‘Association Psychoanalysis’:  “This year we are looking at new formats and new ideas to honestly discuss the real issues at hand. ”Engaging” should really be what it says it is: engaging. The audiences in both sessions will have a chance to talk and engage with one another as if they were the speakers. They will have a chance to listen but also to be listened to. The outcomes will include prescriptions to take home and take action. So we are aiming at keeping it all very real.”
Andere sessies binnen dit programma zijn onder meer ”Storyboarding: Design The Story of Your Event” (dinsdag 17 november 13:00 – 14:00 uur) en ”Improve Event Design By Understanding How Adults Learn At Events”  (woensdag 18 november 10:00 – 10:30 uur), die beiden zullen plaatsvinden in de ”Think Tank”.

Ibtm World vindt plaats van 17 tot en met 19 november 2015 in Fira Gran Via in Barcelona.